Privacy policy

Last modification: 09/07/2022

What data do we collect?

When you sign up for any of our services, we collect your username, email address, password, device language and device operating system name.

We record your progress, such as how long you play, how many games you play, how many games you win and which friends you add.

Any purchases you make are recorded.

Temporary Confidential Data

We collect certain confidential "data" such as your private messages, in-game voice messages, in-game text messages, IP addresses, usernames, emails.

These data is stored and kept for a period of 30 days, it is not shared, nor resold, however the company ComputerDev reserves the right to use these data in court.

These data is not part of your account data

These data can be transmitted to police and judicial authorities.

These data are deleted at the beginning of the thirty-first day at midnight Greenwich Mean Time.

ComputerDev is not responsible if some data are not deleted due to a computer bug.

ComputerDev company is not responsible if it is not able to provide some data because of a computer bug.

Delete my personal data

You can delete all your account data by clicking here or from the application in the "My Account" section.

"Temporary confidential data" will not be deleted. Please refer to the section titled "Temporary Confidential Data".

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